The WILD Leadership Questionnaire

Discover the hidden leader within you!

The WILD Leadership Questionnaire is unique in the field. Drawing on academic research it reveals the underlying leadership assumptions (discourses) that shape how you perceive leadership, how you act as a leader and how you react to other leaders.


  • What kind of leader you are, and what leadership you aspire to
  • Which underlying leadership assumptions dominate your thinking and drive your actions
  • Why you react differently to particular leadership styles
  • Why your leadership approach may motivate some and alienate others
  • Your leadership strengths and developmental needs
  • How your leadership approach fits with your organization

How to find out your WILD Leadership preferences

Individual reports

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Your WILD Report

On completing the questionnaire and validating your email address, you will receive within minutes a twenty - page personal leadership report. This report maps your leadership preferences across the four leadership approaches that have dominated over the past century (Western 2013).

Discover if you are a pre-dominantly a Controller Leader, Therapist Leader, Messiah Leader or Eco-leader... You may be surprised!

The report is easy to read, with a headline overview and an in-depth analysis to deepen your understanding and help you identify your developmental needs. The report works at three levels:

1. Personal Leadership Insight

Revealing how you act as a leader and as a follower, and the hidden assumptions that influence your leadership views and behaviours.

2. Greater understanding of leadership

This gives you a leading edge to have a greater influence at work.

3. Leadership Development

The report shows your leadership preferences across the four dominant approaches that underpin leadership today. It reveals your strengths and enables you to self-identify the challenges you face.

Coaching Debrief Follow up

We believe in the power of coaching, and have Certified coaches trained specifically to debrief the Wild Questionnaire. If you would like one or more coaching sessions to gain deeper insights, to work through current challenges or to help you plan your personal leadership development, we offer telephone, skype or face-to-face coaching. For further information contact us on

Note: Our coaches are training by Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd (, an internationally recognised leader in the field of coaching. The coach training draws on the first coaching meta-theory set out in Dr Simon Western’s book, Coaching and Mentoring a Critical Text (Sage 2012)

Organizational and Team Leadership Development

Using Multiple Questionnaires

Applying the WILD Leadership Questionnaire across teams and organizations enables you to offer both personal development opportunities to staff whilst also developing insights into teams and how to develop leadership across the whole organization. Using multiple questionnaires enables organizations to offer personal development to individuals, whilst also developing team leadership and work on developing leadership across the whole organization all at the same time.

How to use Multiple Questionnaires for Organizational Leadership Development?

1. Choose a participant group, this may be a team, a department, or a cohort of leaders across the company e.g. aspiring leaders, senior leaders or middle managers who need focused leadership development.

2. Individuals take the questionnaire and receive their reports – gaining personal insights and personal leadership development.

3. The Big Picture.

We provide you with the overall results of the group (without breaking individual confidentiality) to give your company/team the big picture of how leadership is thought about and practiced across the participating group.

We can also carry out bespoke analysis of the leadership in your company (at extra cost), on the basis of gender, region, role level, department or other categories you desire, well as providing granular information at team level in order to give you an overview of the leadership culture in your organization.

Our organizational approach enables you to benchmark your current leadership status, and then set out where you aim to be in terms of leadership culture and performance. We can then help you undertake a gap analysis to design and deliver bespoke personal and organizational leadership development and training that is focused and tailored specifically to your organization's needs. This focused approach saves time, money and is much, much more effective than a generic approach.

From Analysis to Action

We offer a collaborative partnership approach to support this process. From planning the strategy to the design and delivery of coaching and leadership change and training programs, drawing on the latest leadership theory and some of the best talent to deliver successfully. Individuals get personal leadership feedback whilst you are working towards transforming your organisational leadership, spotting talent and changing organizational culture.

Utilising the Wild Questionnaire to improve organizational and team leadership, is a very effective and affordable way of delivering targeted leadership development. By addressing the specific gaps and aims identified by this process, you can be assured of much greater success.


Research-based, Tried and Tested

WILD = Western Indicator of Leadership Discourses.

The WILD Leadership questionnaire emerged from rigorous research, and has been thoroughly tried and tested with great success to over 1,500 leaders across the globe.

This questionnaire utilizes academic research from a leading international management school, published in Dr Simon Western's acclaimed book Leadership. A Critical Text 2nd edition Sage 2013

This book provides a unique and much needed voice to the field of leadership studies, and will have a significant impact worldwide

Professor Jonathan Gosling - Director of the Leadership Centre, Exeter University

An outstanding addition to the Leadership literature. This is an excellent text which takes the field to new heights in the first decade of the 21st century

Professor Cary L. Cooper CBE - Profesor of Organisational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University

In a highly original way, Dr Western helps us to obtain greater insight into the enigma of leadership.

Manfred Kets de Vries - Director, INSEAD Global Leadership Centre

This breakthrough questionnaire differs from most leadership questionnaires on the market. It does not aim to box you into a category or approach of leadership. It provides much richer and more useful results. It is both simple and profound! The report maps your leadership assumptions across the four dominant approaches (discourses) of leadership over the past century. The balance of your leadership results reveals your leadership preferences, your strengths, challenges, aspirations and your expectations as a follower. The findings often surprise and enlighten us, as the hidden assumptions we hold may differ from the conscious idea we have of ourselves as a leader.

Finally it gives you a deeper insight into the enigma of leadership itself, setting out a practical framework that enables you to influence change both as a leader, and an active follower.